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Cosmoskee to provide healthy and young looking skin for women and men.

The founder decided to create her own brand when she could not find the right product that she needs for all her everyday use. Liana has been modeling and involved in the beauty industry by operating her own laser and skincare spa in Japan since 2000. She continued her modeling and beauty industry business in Beverly Hills even after moving to the United States in 2006. Liana is currently the owner of medical spa chains throughout the West Coast area that are ranked 1% in the U.S.

Not is she only expert in beauty industry, but with her background in fashion industry, Liana will be presenting high-end clothing line that is focused on customization for each individual customers.

The owner thrives to lead and empower women to stay and feel young and to help them feel confident both inside and out by presenting her own products. By taking the first step of introducing her new skin line brand, Liana’s new mission begins.